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Rank Card Preparation & Mark Analysis Software

User can create all the necessary masters such as class/ Division / Subject / Teacher / Maximum Mark / Maximum Mark allowed for a particular subject / Minimum mark required for pass or grade / Rank or Grade criteria for each class or division / Subjects taken for rank / Grade Preparation setup / exam name master / Academic year setup Etc., More Details…

Schools Fees Collection Software.

A complete solution for student’s fees management in schools is achieved through this “Fees collections software”. Its featured with Fees categorization, Student categorization, Fees coping between classes / Academic year, Academic year setting, Fees Collection, Promotion Entry with reports like Fees collection summary / details, Pending fees list etc.. More Details…

School Timetable Framing Software

Unique Software for Schools Timetable Framing Works, Schools can Frame their TimeTable with in a day. Combined teachers / subjects / classes, fixed / conditional period allocation, class teacher period and etc.More than 25 Parameters incorporated. Manual & Auto Generations. Whole week timetable for teachers / class / free periods. More Details…

Question Paper Setting and Preparation Software

Unique software for Educational Institutions for Question Paper Preparation and Question Bank Creation. Inbuilt editor supports math’s equations & symbols, multi language, pictures and more. Manual and auto preparation facilities available. Option to save the generated question papers for future references. Provided Online Help will made this software as userfriendly. More Details…

Training Center Management Software

A complete solution for Student Registration, Batch Creation, Timetable preparation – Faculty timetable and Class Room timetable, Fees Collection, Exam Mark Analysis -Entry of Exam marks for a particular batch and Batchwise / Studentwise mark report in Schools etc.. More Details…

Student Management Software

GIFT School Student Management Software provides schools / colleges with powerful features for any type of private and public academic institutions in India and abroad. Designed for ease of use and flexibility. Efficiently tracks the details of your past, future and current details of the students in the school admission register. Makes your working smooth while saving about 95% of manual work, resulting into a hassle free and paper less Management. More Details…

Examination Software for Institutions

GIFT Examination Software for Institutions is an excellent system software that can be used effectively to create examination and questions settings for Educational Institutions [ Schools / Colleges / Universities / Training Center / Coaching Classes / Corporate Training ]. This Software also gives the option to determine whether the Exam results should be shown to the Students after the completion of exam. More Details…

Pre Admission Management Software

GIFT Pre Admission module allows to record all inquiries before the admission starts. It also allows handling process like Admission Form Sale for different classes. Parents details such as parent names, occupation, qualification, Address and contact numbers can be recorded. Previous institute details like Course, Institute Name, Medium of Instruction And Percentage of marks obtained can also be recorded. More Details…

Syllabus Management Software

GIFT Syllabus Management Software is a complete solution for the management of school syllabus completion. Staffs can be alloted for each subject based on class and division and periods can be scheduled for completing the syllabus for each staff. Syllabus details report can be viewed which includes the details like Subject Name along with Staff Name who is handling that subject and also the syllabus time schedule. More Details…

Staff Management Software

GIFT Staff Management Software maintains detailed information about a Staff like Photos, Qualification, Experience, Reference, Salary, Address, Contact No, Marital Status, Primary Subjects, etc. It also maintains the attendance details of staffs in session-wise and records performance appraisal of the Staffs. Full attendance details ( No of Working Days, No of Days Present, No of Days Absent and Attendance Percentage ) of each Staff between two Date can be obtained. More Details…

SMS Management Software

GIFT SMS Management Software is an excellent software to send SMS to any number of people simultaneously in no time consumption. A School Management use this SMS Management Software to send the details to all the students as well as the Staffs in the Management at the same time. Parents Meeting Session can also be intimated through SMS with this software. More Details…

Library Management Software

GIFT Library Management Software offers many flexible and convenient features, allowing librarians and library users to maximize efficiency. Library System gives all the detailed information about students, staff and books. It will track on the number of books available in the library and books issued to the students. It is customizable for any library requirement. More Details…

Inventory Management Software

GIFT Inventory Management Software deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability. Scraped item details, Item Sales / Issue details can be recorded. Any level of grouping and item classification can be done categorywise. Purchases and Purchase returns can be made with purchase tax calculation. More Details…

Accounts Management Software

GIFT Accounts Management Software efficiently tracks the details of your past, future and current Accounts Transaction of your institution and it controls the operations of the Accounts Transaction with the minimal manpower ( single staff ) & change your working strategy into trouble free, paperless management. Valuable features are enabled to flow the data in an efficient & flexible manner as per your choice. More Details…

Attendance Management Software

GIFT Attendance Management Software is an efficient software to maintain the attendance details of students. Without using a calculator we can get accurate class attendance percentage or a particular student attendance percentage. No confusions for calculating percentage for relieved Students and also for the Students joined in the class in between. More Details…

Event Planning Management Software

Event planners work to ensure the success of the event in question and to have the end result come off seamlessly. If Schools, institute and Colleges conduct the Seminar, We Should Allocate the Hall Based on Class Division. If Schools, institute and Colleges conduct Additional Course, Class Room allotted for Particular Time, Days, Months or Year. Event Planning module avoids wrong Event Planning based on date and time. More Details…

Exam Room Allocation Management Software

Without any confusions without any controversy we can allot Seating for each student for each exam differently with the help of Exam Room Allocation Software. Only by giving the ‘no of Rows’ and ‘no of Columns’ in the Examination rooms we can allot seating for all the students who are all writing the Exam. More Details…

Front Office Management Software

Front Office Management Software monitors and records all the incoming and outgoing calls with caller details and number. Records of all couriers / dispatches can be maintained. Front Office Management Software is a smart way for appointment management and meeting scheduling. Provides reliability in recording details of visitors. More Details…

Payroll Management Software

Tracks the details of past, future and current Salary Transaction of your institution and controls the operations of the Payroll Transaction with the minimal manpower and calculates PF/ESI/Professional tax and Leave of the Employees. More Details…

Communication Management Software

Our Communication module is completely designed same as like our Email concept. To provide remote access to systems and exchange files and messages in text and images formats between different computers or users in a fraction of minute. More Details…


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  • Time Table

    Frame your school timetable in a short time without any clashes which results in 100% accuracy.

    Question Paper

    Get into the process of Question bank Creation with multilanguage support & generate the question paper in no time.

    Fees Collection

    Manage your school fees collection activities efficiently in your regional language & get away from human errors.

    Student Management

    Record & Preserve the details of students as per formal process from Admission to Relieving in a powerful & secured database.

    Mark & Rank Card

    Manage your school Rank card preparation process smoothly & print predefined comparison reports & charts instantly.

    Examination Software for Institutions

    Examination Software for Institutions

    Institute Automation Software

    Institute Automation Software

    Schools Accounts Management Software

    School Accounts Management Software

    Schools Attendance Management Software

    School Attendance Management Software

    Schools Event Planning Management Software

    School Event Planning Management Software

    Schools Exam Room Allocation Management Software

    School Exam Room Allocation Management Software

    Schools Front Office Management Software

    Schools Front Office Management Software

    Schools Inventory Management Software

    Schools Inventory Management Software

    Schools Library Management Software

    Schools Library Management Software

    Schools Pre Admission Management Software

    Schools Pre Admission Management Software

    Schools SMS Management Software

    School SMS Management Software

    Schools Staff Management Software

    School Staff Management Software

    Schools Syllabus Management Software

    School Syllabus Management Software

    Schools Payroll Management Software

    Schools Payroll Management Software

    Schools Communication Management Software

    Schools Communication Management Software

    Schools Exam Management Software

    Schools Exam Management Software