TimeTable Framing Software

  • The unique concept of time table software will be the only remedy to get relief from difficulties caused by the manual TimeTable preparation.
  • The extraordinary features makes you to schedule your school timetable quickly and accurately.

School – Timetable Framing Software

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GIFT School Timetable is powerful and complete timetable generating software for automatic or interactive creation and maintenance of timetables.

Unique Software for Schools Timetable Framing / Scheduling works, Schools can Frame their TimeTable within a day. Combined teachers / subjects / classes, fixed / conditional period allocation, Substitution period allocation / class teacher period and etc. More than 25 Parameters incorporated. Manual & Auto Generations. Reports like Whole week timetable for teachers / class / free periods.

Time Table Creator Software Live Demo Available Available for evaluation and Testing before purchase.

what do you get

TMS [ TimeTable Management System ]
Get Relief from Manual Timetable Preparation.
Conflict Control ( Prevention from Clashes between Teachers & Duplicate periods )
Tension free Substitution Allotment
Unique Software Program for timetable Preparation
Freeze your Timetable in a short turn around time with 100% accuracy.
Track Teachers Working Hours.
Ability of finding free periods of Teachers by Day / Period / Subject wise.
Statistical report of Substitution Allotment in detail.
Detailed checklist of workallotment – Class / Teacher wise.
Stunning pre - defined valuable reports makes your work lighter.

Do you want to allot 2 or more teachers in a same class? [ Second Language ( Tamil / Hindi ) or ( Biology / Computer Science ) in Higher Classes.
Do you want to handle 2 or more classes by a single teacher? [ 9th A Hindi period is combined with 9th B & 9th C ]
Are you using Uniform period allotment for class teachers in your school? [ Class teachers should be allotted in1st or 2nd periods ]
Are you facing difficulties to allot the conditional periods for principal / vice principal & part time Teachers? [ E.g. Should be free in 1st and 5th periods. ]
Do you want to restrict any subjects which shouldn’t occur at certain periods while timetable allotment? [ E.g. Subjects like games, dance, drawing, yoga etc., should not be allotted at 1st period ]
Multi user environment
User Creation & high security setting options
Manual Adjustments can be made after Auto generation of Timetable
Help Available for each and every screen
Database Backup / Restore options


How it works

You have to enter your school name & address along with the timetable layout details like a. No of working days, b. Periods per day & periods in morning session etc.,
School Time Table SW Working Flowchart

Enter the class & section
Create a subject list
Create teachers list along with the essential details like a. How many periods are handled by each teacher per week?
You have to enter the work allotment details of each teachers [ E.g. Teacher A going to take English for X - A - 5 periods ]
If you want to apply any conditions in your timetable, then you can use these options to fix it [ Combine Class, Combine Teacher, Combine Subjects, Manual Entry ]
Now you can run the Auto Generation Phase I & Auto Generation Phase II to generate the timetable.
Like this you have to schedule your time table in short time.


How does it help you

User defined settings like "No. of Working Days", "Periods Per Day", "Periods on Last Working Day", "Periods in Morning Session", "First day of the week" can be set
Work Allotment Entry format available with a sample
Uniform Class Teacher period can be set
Combining Classes / Subjects / Teachers is possible
Manual Periods allotment is possible. ( E.g. Fixing Practical periods for Hr. Sec. classes can be done based on the availability of the lab )
Part - Time Teachers allotment can be done
Conditional Period allotment for Teachers ( E.g. Principal / Vice Principal should be free in 1st and 5th periods ).
Conditional period allotment for Subjects ( E.g. Games Periods should not be allotted during 4th and 5th period ).
Auto - Generation option.
Manual adjustments after Auto - Generation is possible
Substitute allotment / Substitute list / Substitute history
Work Allotment Details - Teacher - wise / Class - wise.
Non Tallied Work Allotment class list.
Class Timetable / Teacher Timetable / Class - Teacher Timetable.
All Classes Timetable / All Teachers Timetable / Free Teachers Timetable.
Free Teachers list for Day - Period / Day - Period - Subject.
Combined periods list.
"Class - Teachers List", "Teachers List" and "Leave List" can be taken
User creation and High security setting options
Backup / Restore options
Help available for each and every screen


Gift School Time Table Software Suitable for Educational Institutions / Schools like

Government, Private, Government Aided, Anglo Indian, Matriculation, ICSE Board, CBSE Schools , Play Schools , State Board Schools , Residential / Boarding / International Schools , Montessori Schools , Language Schools , Primary / Upper Primary & Nursery / Kids Schools , Rural / Urban Schools , Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools also suitable for Training Centres and Coaching Classes.

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